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About Smart Natura

The objective of Smart Natura is to identify cost-effective methods to reach the goals of the Natura 2000 plans. Plans made to conserve and protect nature, wild fauna and flora that are rare, endangered or characteristic for the EU-countries.

To implement the Natura 2000 plans, the Danish municipalities and the Danish Nature Agency are preparing action plans that will affect the Danish agricultural land significantly. The methods to reach the goals in the action plans, currently at hearing, are only described superficially, but the grounds have been prepared for mainly reaching the goals through voluntary agreements between the individual municipalities and landowners.

The primary focus of Smart Natura is to identify, develop, and disseminate methods and tools to ensure these voluntary agreements between authorities and landowners, for the benefit of nature as well as users and managers of nature.

The specific objective of the project is:

  • to involve landowners actively and positively in the implementation of the Natura 2000 action plans. For this reason, the objective is to generate increased awareness and ownership among landowners in relation to the issues concerning biodiversity and Natura 2000 in a way that causes landowners to see the opportunities in implementing concrete Natura 2000 action plans and thus contribute to maintaining biological diversity.
  • to mobilise and educate more relevant authorities and advisers with the aim of actively involving the affected landowners in the preparation an implementation of ​​Natura 2000.
  • to facilitate and ensure that the development in Natura 2000 areas will spread to surrounding areas – for instance by creating ecological connections and networks to other natural habitats.

Two phases
The first part of Smart Natura aims to develop methods and tools based on the process of implementing the actual Natura 2000 plans for the pilot areas of the project, Egtved and Upper Grejs River valleys. In the second part of the project, the aim is to disseminate the methods and the tools to other Natura 2000 areas.

Focus on cooperation
The methods and tools will be developed in close cooperation between SEGES, the Municipality of Vejle, agricultural advisers and landowners, and they are based on the idea that knowledge, communication and cooperation between many different parties are decisive factors in the generation of mutual ownership of the Natura 2000 action plans.

Booklet about Smart Natura

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About Smart Natura